04-09-2013, 21:50
Hello everyone my account is:
Area:Eu Nordic East
Normal:900 games
Ranked:268 wins 255 defeat 51.2% win ratio
Ranked Solo/Duo: Gold 1
RAnked 3v3: Gold 2
Ranked 5v5: Silver 1

RunePages:7 with runes for :Adc(dmg,armr,magic rst) Mid (ap,magic rst)
Top:1(Armor Ap) 2(Armor dmg) Jungle :(Ms,Armor,Dmg) Support ( Dmg,Armor,Ap)

non owned:Vi,Victor,Vladimir,Volibear,Eliz,Zerath,Zilean,Kouin,Korki,
Le Blank,Leona,Lisandra,Lulu,Riven,Nautilus,Oriana,Udir,Urgot,Ramus,Rumble,

Skins All Kind:Enchanted Galio,Noxus Hunter Anivia,Bird of pPrey Anivia,Spooky Ganglank,Big Bad Warwick
,Tundra Hunter Warwick,Uncle Ryze,Woad Ashe,Shadow Prince MalzaharBarbarian Sion,Barbarian Sion
Spellthief Lux,Pharaoh Nidalee,Leopard Nidalee,Sun Goddness Karma,Void Nontrurne,Frozen Terror Nocturne
Bandit Sivir,BattleBorn Kayle,Road Warrior Miss Fortune,Waterloo Miss Fortune,
Pentakill Yorick,Viking Tryndamere,FULL Metal Pantheon,Asylum Shaco,Barbarian Sion
Jurassic Kog'Maw,Mafia Graves,Mythic Cassiopeia,Unchained Alistar,Infernal Alistar,Pharaoh Amumu,Sherrif Caitlyn,
Notigham Ezreal,Frosted Ezreal,Victorious Janna,Imperial Lux,Northern Front Swain,Tyrant Swain
Buccaneer Tristana,Riot Girl Tristana,Vindicator Vayne,Aristocrat Vayne
Rp:1700 Ip:6000

and many more
account also has some rare icons!
Let me know if you are interested and send me an offer we can discuss threw skype,facebook payment will be made by paypal verified.

thank you!
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