16-10-2014, 14:04
Hi ive been playing with these 2 accounts for 4 years,but since i've decided to quit lol thanks to the damn university i attend to,i want to sell them.
The 1st is a Diamond5 EUW account with all champs and 43 skins
Count Vladimir,Myrmidon Pantheon,King Tryndamere,Frosted Ezreal,Bird of Prey Anivia,Gentleman Cho'Gath,Spooky Gangplank,Primal Udyr,Vandal Vladimir,Void Nocturne,Acolyte Lee Sin,Vandal Brand,DreadKnight Nasus,Lord Mordekaiser,Jaximus,Viking Tryndamere,Defender Leona,Warmonger Sion,Full Metal Pantheon,Demonblade Tryndamere,Bloodstone Taric,Renegade Talon,Crimson Elite Talon,Obsidian Malphite,Rugged Garen,Officer Caitlyn,Jailbreak Graves,BloodLord Vladimir,Musketeer Twisted Fate,Thunder Lord Volibear,Midnight Ahri,Dragon Fist Lee Sin,Dragonblade Talon,Mafia Graves,Glaive Warrior Pantheon,Tyrant Swain,Rune Wars Renekton,Blight Varus,Mythic Cassiopeia,Sultan Gangplank,Dragon Slayer Jarvan,Unchained Alistar,Riot Tristana
Diamond Frame
Price Can be bargained.
The 2nd is a Diamond5 EUNE account with many champs and some skins,with platinum frame
Price ,Can be bargained.

If interested Contact me.Thanks
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