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Hello everyone,i want to sell my Guild Wars 2 account to a reasonable buyer with a reasonable price.I will only accept serious offers because i have invested a lot of time in this account and all that comes with it.Any of the belongings in this account can be screenshotted and provided if needed.
(Υ.Γ.:Έλληνας ειμαι ,απλως εκανα copy-paste το κειμενο απο αλλα site που εχω ποσταρει για να μην τα ξαναγραφω ολα απο την αρχη)

General Account Stats:Region:EU
Server:Seafarer's Rest
Achievement Point:Just over 10k
Titles:30 including Reaper/Dungeon Master/Dungeoneer(including the skins that come with it)
PVP Rank: Phoenix (rank 73)
WvW Rank:215

~Account Worth (according to Gw2efficiency.com): 28,502 gold . 60 silver . 72 bronze which is made up of:
( cant add picture as proof[getting an error] but can be provided if asked)

26,391 gold of unlocked skins
264 gold of unlock dyes
231 gold material storage value
91 gold bank value

3 Extra Bank Slots (Total 4)
~Items & Collectibles worth noting:

88 Tomes of Knowledge
6 Knowledge Scrolls insta lvl 20 scroll
40 mystic stones
Over 30 boosters
4k Fractal Relics
291 Pristine Fractal Relics

~ Characters

10 character slots
Human Female Mesmer level 80 Full Exotic.
Human Female Engineer level 80 Full Ascended Berserker+Sinister Gear.
Human Female Thief level 80 Full Ascended Berserker Gear + Full Bag Slots.
Asura Female Elementalist level 80 Semi-AscendedBerserker Gear.
Human Female Warrior level 80 Full Ascended Berserker Gear.
Human Female Elementalist level 80 with some Exotic pieces (Reserve Character).
Human Female Guardian level 80 Full Exotic Gear.
Human Female Ranger level 80 Full Exotic Gear.

+ 2 PVP Characters:

Human Female Necromancer level 1.
Charr Female Engineer level 2.

~ Crafting Disciplines amongst all Characters

Level 400 Jeweler
Level 500 Weaponsmith
Level 500 Armosmith
Level 425 Huntsman


Exemplar Attire
Royal Guard Outfit
Ancestral Outfit
Daydreamer's Finery
Hexed Outfit
Monk's Outfit


264 gold worth dyes.
Rare dyes among them (link)


Nothing great,just for the sake of referance (link)

~ Skins


~Fractal Skins

Every fractal skin except Fractal Sword,Fractal Scepter and any of the Gold Fractal Skins.

~Gemstore Skins

Aetherblade Armor Set
Fuzzy Panda Hat
Inventor's Sunglasses
Reading Glasses
Ringmaster's hat
Wreath of Cooperation
Trickster Armor Set
Zodiac Armor Set
Wintersday Earmuffs
Braham's Armor
Shoulder Scarf
Krytan Armor Set
Magitech Armor Set
Viper's Armor
Lawless Boots
Rox's Quiver
Plush Charr Backpack
Elegant Fan

~BlackLion Weapon Skins

Dwayna's Longbow
Pact Fleet Shortbow
Phoenix Staff
Dwayna's Shield
Shadow Shortbow

~Notable/Expensive Skins

Infinite Light
Wings of Dwayna
Mistforged Hero's Greatsword
Sovereign Crusader
Mistforged Hero's Warhorn
Mistforged Hero's Dagger
Fractal Capacitor
Light of Dwayna
Sclerite Karka Shell


Magic Carpet
A bunch of trading post expresses,merchants,revive orbs,black lion salvage kits and bank expresses
Endless monkey king tonic
Copper-fed Salvage-o-matic

Some minor stuff have been left out,so if u need extra details,have any questions,need some screenshots added to the post reply here or add me in my skype account.I check my skype daily.

Skype account : accountsellgw2

I am the orginal owner of the account.
THE ACCOUNT HAS NO HoT ACCESS.so you'll have to buy it yourself..

As i said at the start of this thread,i'll only be accepting reasonable offers for a 28k gold worth account.Also ill always sell with a middlesman so there are no trusting/scamming problems.

Have a nice day and thank you for your time.

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