Big Time Rush boys!

ο χαρακτηρας των αγοριων των Big Time Rush.

♥Αθηνουλα Οοσομμ♥ (athinoula2001)
If Big Time Rush has a leader, Kendall is it! Music and dancing are in his blood. He never imagined he'd end up on the brink of superstardom, but he just might enjoy the ride. And if anyone can keep these guys together, it's Kendall.

James can sing but so far his biggest hits are with the ladies! He dreams big and has the confidence to match. He may be a little clueless at times, but he always looks good doing it. Major plus: great hair!

Carlos gets the laughs! Though he also picks the fights. With his hockey helmet in tow, he is always ready to go — whether he's cracking jokes or sticking up for his friends. His heart in the right place!

Logan is the brains behind Big Time Rush. Who else is going to handle all that homework? Logan's the go-to guy for solving problems — and with all the trouble the guys get into, it's good to have him around.
δημιουργία ♥Αθηνουλα Οοσομμ♥ (athinoula2001) 24-01-2013
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